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What is a technical audit?

SEO auditing has one goal: to understand how Google and other search engines perceive your site.

Analysis of your site using RocketCrawler allows you to evaluate the actions that should be taken to improve the organic traffic of your site, help to detect and fix errors (404, 500, etc.), check for redirects, monitor page speed, get guidance on scanning strategically important pages in priority order.

Monitor your SEO KPIs in real time

Monitor your SEO KPIs in real time

To monitor SEO promotion, we usually monitor the status of the site through the Google search console: crawl volumes, response time, errors (4xx, 5xx, etc.). These signals are very important, and yet they are provided by Google with a minimum delay of three days. However, when a problem occurs, the damage has already been done: Googlebot had several days to browse the site and index everything. In some cases, the result can be catastrophic (traffic drop).

Powerful Audit Capabilities

Thanks to the audit of the status of the RocketCrawler website, all of your indicators are visible in real time: you can immediately respond to a problem that affects SEO. The criteria for real-time analysis are very numerous: monitoring 4xx and 5xx errors, migrating from HTTP to HTTPS, creating a 301 redirect.

Powerful Audit Capabilities
SEO KPI in real time

SEO KPI in real time

• Scan volume
• HTTP status codes
• Performance
• Average performance
• Active pages
• New pages
• Scanned pages
• Scanning desktop versus mobile
• Scan HTTP protocol against HTTPS
• Attendance analysis...

Categorizing Pages into Groups: Targeted Content Analysis

Can you tell which type of page is most important on your site? Is a page of a type that Google has a lot of interest in and a page that allows you to generate sales revenue or potential acquisition? At RocketCrawler, you can segment various types of pages as you wish to get answers to these questions. In the same way, you can easily measure the impact of the efforts made on a particular category of pages. Page categorization is the key to accurate and useful log analysis.

Targeted Content Analysis
Ample opportunities for generating reports

Ample opportunities for generating reports

In our tool, reports can be viewed both online and exported to Excel or PDF for greater convenience for analysis or sending to a client.

List of key features of the RocketCrawler

In addition to free distribution, our main advantages are:

  1. Ample opportunities for analyzing content (headings, meta tags, the amount of content on the page).
  2. Analysis of internal linking with the possibility of visualization, calculation of PageRank and outgoing links.
  3. Analysis of site performance, as well as the loading speed of individual pages.
  4. The ability to monitor changes on certain pages of your site.
  5. Cross analysis of aggregated data and generating reports in PDF and Excel format.

We are constantly evolving and open to all comments and suggestions.

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  • Nikolay Glushchenko

    A great tool that allows you to analyze sites for broken links, missing meta tags, images and incorrect linking of the site. All you need at your SEOs at hand!

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    As a businessman, it’s especially important for me that access to analytics on my projects is carried out not only from anywhere in the World, but also in 24x7 mode. It’s important for me to keep abreast!

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